How to Find Out the Model Number of My Dell

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You can easily find your Dell computer model number.
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Whether you need to get support or find compatible parts for your computer, you may need to find your Dell model number to move forward.You can find the model number of your Dell laptop on the laptop identification label on the bottom of the computer. You can also locate it on the boot screen, check the Windows System Information utility, or visit the Dell support website for a tool that can help.


Locate the Laptop Identification Label

Most Dell laptops have an identification label on the bottom. The label displays several certification logos, the location where the laptop was manufactured, the power requirements for the laptop, and the laptop family name – such as Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro or XPS – along with the model number. Locate the name of the laptop family; your model number is directly to the right of the laptop family name.


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View the Power On Screen

You may also be able to find the model number when you power on or restart the laptop. On many Dell laptops, the initial boot screen, which appears before the operating system initiates, displays the family name and model number.


Dell Model Number Through Windows

The Windows System Information utility displays detailed information about the laptop, including the laptop model number.

Step 1: Open System Information

Type System Information in the field beside your Windows Start menu. Select the utility when it appears in the search results to launch it.


Step 2: View System Information

Select System Summary in the navigation pane. The System Model field displays the laptop family name and Dell model number.

Dell Support Website

To determine your model number on the Dell Support website, enter your Service Tag number or, if for some reason you don't have your Service Tag, run the Dell System Detect Utility.



Step 1: Locate Your Service Tag

Find the service tag label on the bottom of your laptop. The Service Tag combines letters and numbers, and the Express Service Code contains just numbers.

Step 2: Enter Your Service Tag

Open the Dell Support website and type the Service Tag shown on the label into the Enter a Service Tag or Express Service Code field. Click the Submit button.


After a brief delay the website displays your laptop family, Dell model number, Service Tag and Express Service code.

Dell System Detect Utility

To download and run the System Detect Utility, you'll need to follow these steps.


Step 1: Navigate to the Main Dell Support Page

Go to the Support section of Dell's website.

Step 2: Auto-Detect Your Product

Scroll down the page to see an option asking, "What product can we help you with?" This should display a button saying Download & Install SupportAssist.


Step 3: Download the Dell SupportAssist Application

Check the download button and then tick the box labeled I have read and agree to the SupportAssist Terms and Conditions and press the Download button. When prompted to download the application, accept to continue the download.

After the program runs on your laptop, the Dell support Web page should update to display information about your laptop, including the laptop family name and Dell model number.




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