How to Check an Amazon Seller

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Amazon is an enormous marketplace, with departments from home and garden to automotive and industrial. The marketplace is made up of items offered by a variety of different merchants, both companies and individuals. If you're buying from an individual, the person likely doesn't have the reputation that a large and established company does. You can take a peek inside their seller profile and look at what other buyers have to say.


Step 1

Log-in to your Amazon Account. Search for an item you wish to purchase.

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Step 2

Click on the "New," "Used" or "Refurbished" links on the item page. For example, if there are three used copies of a certain book, click "3 Used" to view the sellers.


Step 3

Click the seller's rating percentage next to "Seller's rating."


Step 4

Browse the seller's profile. Once the seller's profile appears, you can view their star rating, feedback other buyers left, shipping rates and return policies. You can also contact the seller.



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