How to Check Color Management Settings in a PDF File for CMYK

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Since Adobe Acrobat Version Eight, users are able to check and change color management settings. This comes in handy when using the PDF file format for printing. In order to get the correct colors when printing an electronic document, the color profile must be in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) not RGB (Red, Blue, Green), which is used for light, not ink or paint. It is best practice to check your PDF's color management before you print the document.


Step 1

Choose "Edit," "Properties" and "Color Management"
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Choose "Edit" from the menu bar, then "Properties". Click on "Color Management".


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Step 2

Look for the color profile information
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Look for the color profile information. You can see the color profile that has already been chosen. If this is fine then you can just click "Okay". If the color profile needs to change, you will need to choose a new color profile before clicking on "Okay".



Step 3

Save your PDF
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Save your PDF to save the changes you have made.




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