How to Check Comcast Email

By Aaron Parson

With a Comcast email address, a service included with any Comcast Internet plan, you can check and read emails directly in a Web browser from any computer. There's no need to download software to your desktop or laptop -- just visit the Xfinity website, click **Email**, log in and you'll land right at your inbox.

Step 1

Visit [Comcast's Xfinity home page]( and click **Email**.

Step 2

Log in with your Comcast account credentials. For the **Email and Username** field, you can enter either your email address or the existing address you provided when you signed up for Comcast.

Step 3

Double-click an email in your inbox to read it. If you're expecting an email that hasn't shown up yet, click **Get Mail** to refresh the Inbox.

Step 4

Select an option from the menu to continue after reading an email. The menu includes buttons to reply to the message, to close the message and return to the inbox, to delete the message or to mark it as spam. The left and right arrows at the end of the menu switch between emails in your inbox.To start a brand new email, click **New** from either the Inbox screen or while reading another email.

Step 5

Fill in the **To** and **Subject** lines and compose a new email in the large text box. To attach files, press **Attach** or drag files into the message window. Click **Send** to send the completed email.

Step 6

Open the **Address Book** tab and click **New Contact** to add someone to your address book. When writing an email, you can click on **To** to pick recipients from the address book.

Step 7

Check the **Email Preferences** section on the **Preferences** tab to modify how Comcast email works. Options include adding a signature, importing email from other accounts and filtering unwanted messages.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Xfinity website works on any computer connected to the Internet -- you don't need to be at the physical address with Comcast service to check your email. The site works the same on PC or Mac and regardless of the Web browser you use.
  • For advanced users looking to add Comcast Email to Outlook or another email client, use the following settings. Set your incoming server to "" on port 993 with SSL. Set the outgoing server to "" on port 587. If you're just checking your email on the Xfinity website, you don't need to use these settings.
  • If you've had Comcast email set up through an email client and outgoing emails stopped working, you might have your outgoing port set to 25. Comcast no longer supports this port for security reasons, so change to port 587. This change does not affect checking your mail on the Xfinity website.