How to Use a GoDaddy SMTP Server

By Aubrey Kerr

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a type of network connection that lets you send email. To send messages from your Go Daddy email account, use the account's SMTP server address to configure your email program. You can send up to 250 messages through Go Daddy's server per day.

Step 1

Log into your Go Daddy email account at and go to the "Help" section, then "Email Client Settings."

Step 2

Write down the incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail server addresses listed there.

Step 3

Open your email program and click "Add" or "New" in the toolbar to add a new account. Each email program is slightly different, so if you don't have this option in the toolbar, look in the "File" or "Tools" menu for the "add new email" option.

Step 4

Choose to manually configure your account if you're given this option. Many programs are manual by default.

Step 5

Add your name, email address and password in the user information fields.

Step 6

Choose either "POP" or "IMAP" as the connection type. Go Daddy supports both. POP deletes messages from the server when they're downloaded; IMAP leaves a copy on the server.

Step 7

Type your incoming server address into the box labeled for it. Enter "143" for the port setting if you're using IMAP. Enter "110" if you're using POP. Leave off the quotation marks.

Step 8

Enter the outgoing SMTP server address in the appropriate box and type "80" in the port field. You can also use ports 25, 3535 or 587 here. The SMTP ports are the same whether you use POP or IMAP. These are advanced settings; for most users, 80 is a good choice.

Step 9

Test the connection if your email client offers that option. If not, finish the configuration by clicking "Save" or "Finish." Your email will be sent through Go Daddy's SMTP server.