How to Check My Voice Mail From My Land-Line for My Boost Mobile

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You can check Boost Mobile voicemail from a land-line.

Boost Mobile is one of the fastest-growing cellular phone providers. It boasts coverage in most large metropolitan areas in the United States. Like most providers, Boost Mobile offers services such as call waiting, caller ID and private voice mail. You can check your Boost Mobile voice mail from your cellular phone or from a land-line. Checking voice mail from a land-line makes messages accessible even if your cell phone battery is depleted.


Step 1

Set up voice mail so you can receive incoming messages when you are unable to answer your phone. Voice mail is not operational until it is set up by the subscriber. Boost Mobile customer service can provide detailed directions pertaining to the initial setup of your voice mail, including establishing a pass-code number or PIN (personal identification number) to access your voice mail.

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Step 2

Call your Boost Mobile phone number from a land-line. The mobile phone will begin to ring and should not be answered. This will enable your voice mail greeting to answer your call, which is necessary to be able to access messages from a land-line phone.


Step 3

Press the star (*) key while your voice mail greeting is playing. This will initiate the subscriber voice mail menu. You will hear instructions, directing you to enter your pass-code number or PIN.

Step 4

Enter your pass-code or PIN by using the touch-tone keypad on your land line phone. When you have finished, press the pound (#) sign on your telephone's keypad. Your messages will begin to play automatically, and you will be able to save or delete your messages as necessary.


Make sure to set up a pass-code on your voice-mail so you can still access it if your cell phone is lost.