How to Connect a Corded Phone to a Headset

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Headsets work only on phones that have number pads on the base.

Headsets are used as a way to talk hands free. This is especially helpful in businesses and in everyday life. Call centers use headsets as a way to shave down the time it takes to deal with each customer. It also allows the listener to hear you more clearly as many of these headsets come with background noise cancelers. Headsets also eliminate the physical problems that handsets cause such as neck cramps and arm pain.


Step 1

Switch your corded phone off. If your phone has an off button, it is located under the base.

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Step 2

Disconnect the cord that runs from your wall to your corded phone.

Step 3

Unplug the pickup receiver from your corded phone. First unplug the cord from the actual receiver, and then remove the entire cord from the base. This is the spiral shaped cord.


Step 4

Plug the headset into the receiver jack. The receiver jack is the hub that the handset cord is plugged into. This is located on the side of the phone. It is important to push the cord in slowly until you hear a clicking sound. Do not force it in or the pins will break.


Step 5

Plug the cord back into the wall and then back into the base of the phone.


Step 6

Hang up the phone by placing the receiver back in its cradle on the base. When you're ready to make a call, simply remove the receiver.

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