How to Connect a PS3 to Uverse

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Standard Ethernet cables can be used to connect the PS3 to Uverse broadband.

The Sony PlayStation 3, or PS3, is capable of online gaming and media streaming over a broadband Internet connection. Uverse, a service offered by AT&T, supplies a broadband connection through a residential gateway. The PS3 can connect to a gateway either with a wireless connection, or through an network cable. Connecting through a wireless gateway requires a network password, if the network uses a wireless security protocol. Wired connections require an Ethernet cable of appropriate length.

Connecting with an Ethernet Cable

Step 1

Measure the distance between your network gateway and PS3. Find an Ethernet cord that will reach both devices, taking into account extra length for non-direct cable paths.

Step 2

Locate the RJ-45 port on the PS3. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the port. Route the cable's length until the opposite end of the cable reaches the gateway.

Step 3

Plug the remaining end of the Ethernet cable into the RJ-45 port on your residential gateway. The port should be labeled "downlink" or "Ethernet" depending on the model of your gateway.

Connect with a Wireless Connection

Step 1

Gather information about your wireless network including the network broadcast ID or the network's name, the network security type, and the password.

Step 2

Turn on the PlayStation and wait for its Home menu to appear. Scroll down to the "Settings" tab and choose "Network Settings." On the Internet connection option, select "Enable."

Step 3

Press the "X" button while in the "Settings" menu and select your connection type. Select "Wireless" and choose the "Easy" setup option.

Step 4

Allow the device time to scan for available wireless networks. When the scan is complete, locate your network in the list and press the "X" button again.

Step 5

Enter the network security type and password in the setup menu. Save your connection settings and exit the configuration menu.

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