How to Connect a Samsung TV to a Laptop

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Laptops allow you to combine powerful computing with extreme portability, but they usually leave you with limited screen size. If you're tired of the small screen and have a Samsung TV nearby, you might be able to connect your laptop to it and see your platform on the big screen. All you need are cables that fit both your laptop and your TV.


Step 1

RCA ports

Examine both the laptop and TV for RCA ports. RCA ports are common and universal, and come in sets of three. They're usually colored red, white and yellow, just like RCA cables. They're more common on older laptops and TVs than on newer ones.


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Step 2

VGA port

Examine the laptop and TV for VGA ports. VGA ports are what most PC desktops usually use to connect the monitor to the computer. These can be found on most laptops, but can only be found on newer models of Samsung HDTVs.


Step 3

DVI port

Examine the laptop and TV DVI ports. These are relatively uncommon on all but the newest and most robust Samsung HDTVs, but are quite common on Apple laptops.


Step 4

HDMI port

Examine the laptop and TV for HDMI ports. HDMI ports are common on newer HDTVs and laptops.



Step 5

Find a common port connection between the laptop and TV, and retrieve the appropriate cable. If there is no common port, find or buy an adapter; there are adapters for most combinations of plugs.

Step 6

Connect the TV and the laptop using the appropriate cable and, if necessary, adapters. When connecting RCA cables, be sure to connect yellow plugs to yellow jacks, white plugs to white jacks and red plugs to red jacks. All other plug types use a single jack.


Step 7

Change the input on the TV using either the Samsung remote or the controls on the TV itself. The specific method of switching inputs varies from one Samsung model to the next, but many newer models have a button labeled "Input" which cycles through all of the connected peripheral devices. If yours does not have this button, look for a Menu button and scroll through the menu for options that allow you to change inputs. Stop cycling through inputs when you see your laptop screen appear on the television.



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