How to Connect a Wireless Microphone

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Wireless microphones have become standard for use by musicians and lecturers, mainly because of the convenience of not having a cord. But connecting a wireless microphone is quite different than attaching one with a cord. Take this advice on how to connect one in a way that gives the best results during your performance or lecture.


Transmitter & Receiver

Step 1

Put a 9-volt battery into your body back transmitter that you'll be wearing while using the wireless microphone. Make sure that the battery is new, because a weak battery will cause sound dropout problems with your receiver.


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Step 2

Turn off your transmitter and turn on your nearby receiver that should have an output-to-input cable connection to an amplifier or mixer. Check to see if your receiver has an automatic frequency selector. Press it and you should find a frequency clear enough for you to use.

Step 3

Reduce the volume on your receiver so there bill be no noise while finding a frequency. Turn the transmitter on so that you can find the frequency of your receiver.



Step 4

Look for a Sync or Program button on the transmitter that automatically finds the frequency of the receiver. Press it and see if your transmitter is picking up the receiver's signal by looking at the receiver's LED display. You're officially connected if you're getting a strong signal.



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