How to Connect Bluetooth to a Car Stereo

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Connect Bluetooth to a Car Stereo

Bluetooth can be an easy way to transmit music from your MP3 player or cell phone directly to your car stereo without using wires. A Bluetooth car stereo can also sometimes let you receive phone calls through your car stereo, leaving your hands free to be on the wheel. Connecting your device to your car stereo is relatively easy to do, and will have you listening to your favorite tunes and making phone calls through your car speakers in just a few minutes.


Step 1

Power on the Bluetooth on your car stereo and MP3 player or cell phone. The Bluetooth may always be on in your car, but it may be disabled on other devices to conserve battery power.

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Step 2

Open up the menu of your cell phone or MP3 player and have it "discover new devices."


Step 3

Select your car stereo from the options your device provides.

Step 4

Enter in the "Pairing Code" for your car stereo into your device. In most cases you will find the pairing code in your car's manual. if you don't know the code try using all )'s.


Step 5

Try playing a song once your device indicates it is paired with your stereo. If it doesn't work try Steps 2 to 4 again.



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