How to Connect Dish Network to a Samsung TV

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How many channels do you get?

Purchasing a high-definition television without a high-definition television service is like purchasing a rocket fuel car and using low-grade gasoline. Connecting a Samsung television to a Dish Network receiver can be rather easy. An installation agent most likely dropped by and hooked up everything; however, televisions move. But worry not: Connecting a Dish Network receiver will be easy.


Step 1

Choose the video cable that you wish to use and that is supported by both your Samsung TV and Dish Network receiver. The choices range from coaxial, composite, s-video, component and HDMI. Component and HDMI are video cables that support high-definition video while the rest of the cables only support standard definition.


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Step 2

Plug the video cable into the back of the Samsung TV.

Step 3

Plug the other end of the video cable into the back of the Dish Network receiver.


Step 4

Power on the Samsung TV and then the Dish Network receiver. Click "Video Input' button on your remote or TV panel until you come to a Dish Network display.



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