How to Connect the iFit to a TV

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The iFit application creates an interactive platform to monitor and customize your workout plan with compatible workout equipment. The application runs on your computer, tracking your progress against the measurable goals you define. If you want to monitor your iFit application on the television screen, connect your computer to the television to broadcast your computer's desktop on the screen.


Step 1

Locate the input ports on your television to identify the type of cable necessary to connect your computer to the television. A single round input jack is indicative of a composite video jack, while three round input jacks indicate component video jacks. There are several varieties of video jacks that may exist on your television, but it should be easily identified with a "Video" marking.

Step 2

Locate the corresponding port or outbound video jack on your computer. If your computer does not have a matching port for a video cable, you can replace your video card for one that supports the cable connection in most instances.


Step 3

Attach the proper cable to your computer's video jack and the television's video input jack. If your television requires a specific channel to recognize the video input, tune it to that channel. For example, some televisions require channel 3 to recognize an outside video input. Start the iFit application on your computer to see the video feed on the television.

Step 4

Connect external speakers to your computer, such as a home stereo system or surround sound speakers, if your television video feed does not support the audio. If there is a separate audio jack on your television, connect an audio cable from the computer's outbound audio or headphone jack to the inbound audio on the television.