How to Connect to a Wireless Printer

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Install a network printer.

Installing a wireless printer is a relatively easy task that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes and can be completed by someone with intermediate computer skills. If you have installed a wireless network, you can easily install a wireless printer.


Step 1

Take your printer out and inspect it.
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Take the printer out of the box and inspect it. Make sure none of the parts are damaged. Remove any special tabs by following the instructions that came with your printer. You don't want to power on when there are packing tabs in place as this can damage your printer.


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Step 2

Find the Wireless menu.

Once the printer is ready to go, plug it in and power it on. There should be an interactive set-up screen on the printer that you can use to indicate the appropriate wireless settings. You'll want to use the same security settings on the printer that you have set on your wireless router.


Step 3

Go the manufacturer's Web page.

After entering your settings on the printer, you're ready to head to your computer and install the drivers with the CD that came with the printer. If you don't have the CD, go to the manufacturer's site for the latest drivers.



Step 4

Click to add a network printer.

After the appropriate drivers are installed, your computer should begin identifying the printer. If it doesn't recognize the printer, make sure that the settings on the printer itself are accurate. Double-check the driver settings on your computer. To do this, navigate to the "Start" menu and select the "Devices and Printers" link. If your new printer doesn't appear, click "Add a printer." In the Add Printer wizard, click "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer." Select the new printer from the list of available printers and click "Next." Complete the additional steps in the wizard and click "Finish."


Step 5

Uninstall old drivers.

Troubleshoot problems by completely uninstalling old drivers and installing the new ones. Verify that your printer settings are correct. Also make sure you have the latest driver download from the manufacturer's website.



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