How to Connect to the Internet for Free

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When you have a computer and you want to connect to the Internet, you don't always need to pay for it. There are a few ways to get Internet access for free, legally. Connecting to the Internet is easier than before, and if you have a few basic items and are in the right location, you should be able to get free Internet access for your computer.


Step 1

Set up your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure your Wi-Fi adapter has been installed correctly into your computer, and that it is working properly, with any needed software installed.

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Step 2

Find your "hotspot," which might be at a fast food eatery, a hotel, a coffee shop or at any location that says they have free Wi-Fi access. Ask the location if they have free Internet access if it isn't suggested on any outside advertising.


Step 3

In Windows, click on Start an find the Control Panel. Click on Network Connections, where there is a Wireless Connection option. Click on this.

Step 4

There might be an available list of wireless Internet connections available. Locate the correct one on your list. It'll most likely be the one with the highest level of bars.



Step 5

Select the correct Wi-Fi connection and click on it. The computer will automatically try to connect to your selected Internet access point.

Step 6

Stay close to your Wi-Fi hotspot. Check the level of bars in the signal icon; the more bars, the better your connection will be.

Things You'll Need

  • Portable computer (laptop, notebook, PDA, etc.)

  • Wi-Fi Internet adapter

  • Hotspot


If you don't see a Wireless Internet option on your computer, recheck your Wi-Fi adapter and make sure it's connected properly.


Don't use these tips to steal Internet access where it isn't freely given. Poaching on an Internet connection is bad netiquette.