How to Contact the Seller on Amazon

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Although Amazon lets third-parties sell products, used or brand new, through the Amazon website, certain sellers may have unclear or vague product listings. However, each seller's storefront has a contact option that you can use if you want to get more information about a particular item. If you have already purchased an item, you can contact the seller to clear up any issues about your order via the Amazon Orders panel.


Contacting an Amazon Seller

If you have an order placed with an Amazon seller, sign in to your Amazon account, click the "Your Account" option, and then select "Your Orders." Click the "Contact Seller" button next to an order, and then check the radio button next to "An Order I Placed." On the "Select a Subject" pull-down menu, select the reason why you are contacting the seller. Once done, click the "Write Message" button to compose your message. If you want to contact a seller before making a purchase, visit the seller's store front -- click the seller's name on a product page to get to the storefront -- then click the "Contact a Seller" link under Further Information. Select the "An Item for Sale" option, select your reason, and then compose your message to the seller.

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