How to Convert a JPG to an SVG on Inkscape

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Inkscape is a freely-available graphics editing program that uses the scalable vector graphic, or SVG, format. This vector graphics format describes the shape of an object with a resolution-independent description. A rasterization engine then uses this description to plot the item. Inkscape is best-suited to working with technical illustrations, text-containing images and logos. The software can convert many different file formats to SVG format.


Step 1

Hold "Ctrl" and press "N" to start a new project in Inkscape.

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Step 2

Click the "File" menu; select "Import". The "Select file to import" box will open.


Step 3

Change the file type in the bottom drop-down menu to "JPG." Browse to the JPG you want to convert; click on it, then click "Open" to open the JPG.


Step 4

Edit or change the JPG as needed. Click "File," then "Save as."


Step 5

Type in a file name. In the bottom drop-down menu, change "Save as type" to "Inkscape SVG," then click "Save."



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