How to Convert a Non Wireless Camera to Wireless

Until recently, most cameras, particularly security cameras, were wired, meaning they ran their video streams to a monitor via a cable, typically a very long video cable. These installations could be cluttered and messy considering the length of cable required and they were soon replaced by wireless systems, which transmit their images through radio signals that are picked up by a receiver and subsequently sent to a monitor, thus eliminating the need for messy cables. You don't need to invest in a new camera if you want a wireless system. With a transmitter and wireless receiver, you can convert a wired camera into a wireless camera in no time.

Making the Camera Wireless

Step 1

Check the back of the camera and look for the "video out" jack. It should be coated with a yellow ring for easy identification.

Step 2

Plug one end of one of the video cables into the camera's "video out" jack and the other end into the wireless transmitter's "video in" jack. It, too, should be clearly labeled and colored yellow.

Step 3

Turn the camera and the transmitter on. The camera should begin sending its video signal and images into the transmitter, which should send out the signals via a radio frequency to be picked up by the receiver.

Hooking Up to a Monitor

Step 1

Connect the wireless receiver's "video out" jack to the monitor's "video in" jack. The location of the jack on the receiver depends on the manufacturer, but it will most likely be found on the back. If you're using a standard television as a monitor, the "video in" jack will most likely be in the back. If it's an actual monitor, it will typically be on the side.

Step 2

Turn on the receiver and the monitor and set the monitor to its proper video channel. This is usually labeled as "VIDEO" or "INPUT."

Step 3

Tune the wireless receiver according to the manufacturer's instructions until it is in sync with the wireless video transmitter. The camera's images should appear on the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Wired camera

  • Wireless video transmitter

  • Wireless video receiver

  • 2 video cables (usually composite)

  • Monitor


If you're not interested in streaming your images onto a monitor, you can instead simply hook the wireless receiver's "video out" jack to the "video in" jack of a VCR or DVD recorder. You can then record the images the camera captures instead of streaming them.