How to Convert a PNG to a Vector File Format

Vector graphics preserve image quality.

Vector graphics have significantly increased in popularity for online applications since the approval of the Scalable Vector Graphics standard by the W3C in the early 2000s. Vector graphics have an advantage over traditional bitmap image formats such as .PNG in that they do not lose image quality when enlarged. Vector graphics, instead, store the sub-components of an image as shapes, colors, and lines to provide higher quality graphics that do not lose quality when manipulated. If you use imagery on the web or at work, you may have the need to convert a PNG image to a vector file format. The easiest way to do so is to make use of third party software to conduct the conversion.

Step 1

Download and install an image conversion program on your computer. Several are available that allow you to use the product in trial format for free to convert the .PNG file to vector file format. The steps required to conduct the conversion may vary slightly, but are common in nature across the available file conversion programs.

Step 2

Open the file conversion software by double clicking the program icon if installed on your computer's desktop or by choosing it from the computer's "Program Files" sub menu.

Step 3

Open the .PNG file to convert to vector graphics using the program's file chooser. The file chooser is normally located by selecting the "File" and "Open" menu options.

Step 4

Select the file to convert to vector graphics followed by the "Ok" menu button. Some file conversion utilities will label the file menu open option "Import" to open a .PNG image.

Step 5

View the ".PNG" file loaded in the conversion utility and select the "File" and "Save As" menu options. You will then be able to choose the vector image output format. .PSD and .SVG are popular vector image formats used. After making this selection, enter the new file name in the applicable text field followed by the "Save" menu button to complete the conversion process.

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