How to Convert a Visio Drawing to a JPEG File

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Any Visio drawing can be easily converted into a JPEG file. Once your drawing has been converted to a JPEG, it becomes a picture just like any other. Thus, you will be able to share the drawing with people who may not be able to open a Visio drawing on their computer.

Step 1

After you have completed your drawing, select "File" on the menu bar.


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Step 2

Highlight "Save As."

Step 3

On the "Save As" screen, type the name of your drawing in the box marked "File Name."

Step 4

In the drop-down box marked "Save as Type" select "JPEG File Interchange Format."

Step 5

Click "Save." The drawing is now stored as a JPEG file.


This method only saves one page as a JPEG. If your Visio file has drawings on more than one page, then each page must be saved as a JPEG individually.