How to Convert Analog Audio to Bluetooth

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With the correct type of adapter you will be able to convert analog audio via Bluetooth to a digital signal. This is useful if you have a device such as an old tape player or vinyl deck, and want to transmit the audio from it to a Bluetooth speaker. The process is very simple, but it does require a Bluetooth analog audio adapter. Bluetooth typically works at a distance of up to 30 feet. You will need to be familiar with your send Bluetooth device for this to work.


Step 1

Plug your Bluetooth analog audio adapter into the audio output of your analog device.

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Step 2

Switch on the Bluetooth device that you wish to connect to.

Step 3

Press the button on your analog audio adapter. This will start the adapter, and set the mode to discoverable.


Step 4

Make your second device discoverable, and wait for the devices to pair. You will now have converted audio to Bluetooth.

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