How to Convert Coaxial Cable to Component

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Convert your coaxial wires for high definition.

So you want to convert your old coaxial wire into a high definition ready format. There's only two types of connectors that transmit high definition: HDMI wires and Component Video. HDMI wires are all-in-one connectors, transmitting video and audio. Component wires are a group of three connectors (blue/green/red) that will transmit video as well, and are more prevalent on older televisions.


Step 1

Connect your coaxial cable to the coaxial input connector on the Coaxial to Component converter. Do this by inserting the pin from the coaxial wire into the port, then twist the end until tight.

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Step 2

Connect the component video wires to the component output ports on the converter. These are color coded red, blue and green. Insert each into the appropriate port until tight.


Step 3

Connect the opposite ends of the component video wire into the back of your television using the same color coding described above.


Step 4

Connect your converter to a power outlet, if necessary. Some converters require power to function, some do not.



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