How to Convert PDF to V-Card

Saving a list of v-card contacts as a PDF file is beneficial when transferring information across platforms. You can store the PDF files on a hard drive until you are ready to download and convert the file to a computer with a different operating system or software suite. Bypass creating a new spreadsheet and convert your PDF document into a CSV file. CSV, or comma separated values, is the file extension associated with v-card documents. You can import the CSV contacts into a Web email address book or into a desktop email client.

Step 1

Visit an online file conversion website such as or You can upload most file types and convert them for free.

Step 2

Click "Browse" and locate the PDF file on your hard drive. Click "CSV" from the drop down menu in Step 2 of the conversion process.

Step 3

Enter your email address. When your PDF file is converted, a link to the CSV file will be emailed to you for download. This adds some privacy to your document although the files are not encrypted during the conversion process, which means they can be viewed by other Internet users.

Step 4

Click the link in your email account to download the new CSV file. Import the CSV contacts into your email address book for immediate use.


Free online file conversion software can sometimes deliver lower quality document conversions. You may have to update several of your v-card entries once your file is downloaded in case some of the contact list information is not transferred correctly.

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