How to Convert Songs to Instrumental

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Sometimes you'll have a song on hand that you'd like to edit so that the voices are removed, making it into an instrumental song. This could be because you like the instrumental track on the song but not the voices, or it could be because you want to do some karaoke where you an your friends provide the voices instead. Either way, you'll want to get some software that can remove the voice track for you.


Step 1

Obtain a music editor that can remove the vocals from a song for you. An example is Mixcraft (See "Resources"). Download the program by clicking on the link below and then hitting "download" on the program Web page. You can try out the program for free.

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Step 2

Install the program onto your computer after it finishes downloading by opening the installation icon on your desktop. After you finish installing, you'll want to grab the "Extra boy" plugin for the program (See "Resources"). A plugin is like an extra piece that helps your program do something special. In this case, it will help you remove vocals.


Step 3

Install the "Extra boy" plugin, then open your Mixcraft program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop. Click on the button to load a song and a browse window should appear. Find the song you want to make into an instrumental on your computer through the browse box and double-click on it.

Step 4

Click on the button marked "FX", and a new screen will appear. Click where it says "Extra_boy." Then where it says "preset," select "Full Spectrum." You can now play your song without vocals. Use "File Render" to turn this into an MP3 that you can save.


Step 5

Download a program that can remove the voice track on the song through a karaoke program. This works because Karaoke programs will have a method for removing the voice from your music as part of the process. An example is "Karaoke CDG" (See Resources).

Step 6

Install the program on your hard drive by opening the installation file after it downloads. Add a song to the project with the add song button or something similar. Click on the "remove coals" box and click "Next" to render the song. You can cancel out of the program after that, since that's all you need. You should now have an instrumental version of your song with no vocals.


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