How to Convert Vbk to PDF

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A file with the VBK file extension is likely a proprietary VitalSource BookShelf VitalBook e-book file. Though the e-book program does not provide an conversion capabilities, you can convert the VBK file to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file by first installing a PDF print driver. To install a PDF print driver, install a PDF creation application, such as Adobe Acrobat. Alternatively, use one of the free PDF creation programs, such as doPDF or CutePDF, which also install a virtual PDF printer to the computer. Once the PDF driver is installed, the virtual PDF printer becomes an option in the "Printers" selection box.


Step 1

Open the VBK file in the VitalBook program.

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Step 2

Click the "File" option on the top task bar, and then click the "Print" option.

Step 3

Click the "Printer Name" drop-down box in the Printer dialog box, and then click the "PDF Printer" option from the drop-down list. The wording for the PDF Printer may vary in the list, depending on which software installed the virtual print driver.



Step 4

Type a name for the new PDF file into the "File Name" input box.

Step 5

Click the "Save" button. The VBK e-book is converted and saved by printing the file to the PDF format.



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