How to Copy a CD to an SD Card

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Copying the contents of a CD to an SD card is easy.

An SD card is a memory card that can be used as a storage device by a computer that has a memory card reader. Copying a CD to an SD card is useful because SD cards are smaller and tend to have more memory than CDs, thus making the contents of your CDs portable and less prone to damage through scratching.


Step 1

Insert your CD into your disk drive. The disk drive can be any kind of drive (DVD Burner, CD-ROM, etc.), as long as it can read CDs.

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Step 2

Double-click on the disk drive under "My Computer," or "Computer," to open it in Windows. Double click on the CD icon in Mac. If the CD is set to run a program when double-clicked, right-click on the drive, then select "Explore." If the CD is an audio CD, it may need to be converted or ripped into MP3 files. Open Windows Media Player, then click on "Rip." Right-click and select preferences to set where the ripped files go, then click the button to start ripping the CD.


Step 3

Connect the USB cable from the back of the USB card reader to an open USB port on the computer.

Step 4

Insert the SD card into the memory card reader.

Step 5

Open the SD card in a separate window. Double-click on the drive letter under "My Computer," or "Computer," representing the SD card in Windows. Double-click on the white removable drive icon on the desktop in Mac.



Step 6

Copy the files from the CD or Ripped CD folder to the SD card folder. This can be done by highlighting all of the files in the CD folder using the mouse (or by pressing "Ctrl+A" in Windows or "Command+A" in Mac), then dragging them from the CD window to the SD card window. Alternatively, once all the files are highlighted, right-click and click on "Copy" (or press "Ctrl+C" for Windows, "Command+C" for Mac) in the CD window, then click on the SD card window. Right-click and select "Paste" (or press "Ctrl+V" for Windows, "Command+V" for Mac) to copy the files.



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