How to Create a Bootable Disk With Nero 7 Essentials

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A bootable disk is either a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (depending on your preference) that can be used to start your computer in the event that your operating system fails. Nero 7 Essentials (which is a slimmed-down version of the Nero 7 burning package) has the ability to create these bootable disks with just a few button clicks. All you have to have is the CD or DVD burner required to burn the actual data to a disc.


Step 1

Start Nero 7 Essentials. Nero 7 Essentials' shortcut icon can be found in the "Start" menu in the "Nero" folder.

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Step 2

Use the drop-down menu to choose the type of bootable disk you'd like to burn. Choose between CD or DVD.


Step 3

Click on the "Boot Disk" icon and click "New" to open a "New Boot Disk" icon template.

Step 4

Drag the files you'd like to add to your bootable disk from your computer's hard drive into the Nero 7 Essentials program window. Once finished, click "Burn."


Step 5

Put a blank CD or DVD (this will depend on what type of media you chose to burn) into your burner and click "Burn" again to create your bootable disk using Nero 7 Essentials.