How to Create a Cookbook Template

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Writing your own cookbook can be fun and rewarding. Keeping track of favorite or family recipes as well as your new recipe creations will give you access to your favorite recipes whenever you need them. You can also pass your recipes on to your children, share them with friends, or publish them to a hard copy recipe book. To save time, you can create a recipe template. It's easy to set a recipe template up in any word processor or desktop publishing program, customized to fit your personal cooking style.


Step 1

Open your word processor or desktop publishing software. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, OpenOffice or Serif PagePlus will work. The latter two are free. On the "File" menu choose "New Template." This will be the template document you build your cookbook in.

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Step 2

Go to the "Text" menu and create a text box for each element of your main pages. Suggested elements include "Ingredients," "Preparation," "Cooking Instructions" and perhaps a section titled "History/Anecdotes" where you could write down fond family memories regarding the recipe or the origin of the recipe.


Step 3

Format each section heading in bold, then fill each section in with sample template text. You can use an actual recipe or simply type a bunch of random letters. The idea is to have it fully formatted so all you will need to do is replace template text when you use this template.


Step 4

Go to the "Format" menu and add a border. Set the border style, thickness and color to make your cookbook page look pleasing to the eye.


Step 5

Save the cookbook page as a template. Any time you have a new recipe to add to your cookbook, open this template and type in your information. There's no need to recreate the sections or the look of the border.