How to Create Labels With Different Addresses in Word

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Online address books have largely replaced paper ones.

It is fairly straightforward to create labels in Microsoft Word if they contain all the same data. When you need to create a list with different addresses or other information, it's not so straightforward. It is possible, however, to create labels with different addresses using Microsoft Word.


Step 1

Open a new document in Word.

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Step 2

Click the "Mailings" tab and click "Labels" in the Create grouping on the Ribbon. A new window opens.

Step 3

Click the "Options" button without typing anything in the Address box. Make your choices for printer type, label vendors and product number. Click "OK."


Step 4

Click "Full page of the same label" under "Print." This is so Word will print the same format for each label, but this does not apply to the text.


Step 5

Click "New Document" and Word displays a document laid out like your sheet of labels.


Step 6

Type what you want on each label. Save or print the labels when you're done.

Step 7

Finish up by following the prompts and entering any last minute information as needed on the Mail Merge Wizard.

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