How to Make a Border for Name Tags in Word

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In addition to writing books, papers or nearly anything else, Microsoft Word also lets you print name tags through its Labels feature. When you create a name tag, you typically use a pre-set template from a vendor like Avery. You enter the number of the label sheets you have, type up the data, insert the special label paper into the printer and print it up. However, you can also add graphics, including borders, to your name tags.


Step 1

Open Word.

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Step 2

Select "Mailings," then click "Create" and "Labels" to open the Label options dialog box.

Step 3

Select a product number that corresponds with your name tag sheets.


Step 4

Click "OK" to close the dialog.

Step 5

Select "Print" to open the Print dialog box.

Step 6

Mark the "Full page of the same label" option.


Step 7

Click "OK" to close the Print dialog.

Step 8

Click the "New Document" button to create a document with the correct label formatting. The document will have a large table on it, with each cell sized to match the size of your name tags.



Step 9

Enter your names for each tag.

Step 10

Click "Table Tools" then "Design" and "Borders" to view see table border options.

Step 11

Select "All Borders" to show all the borders on the table. The border size defaults to 1/2 point. You need to increase it so the borders will appear on the name tags. Select a larger size from the "Thickness" drop-down menu next to the "Borders" drop-down list. You will see the thicker borders on your table, and they will print with your document, giving you borders on your name tags.

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