How to Deactivate a MetroPCS Phone

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Deactivating a phone means removing it from the network so that it is free to be used on another account or flashed over to another network. A phone should be deactivated before it is sold or given as a gift. Once you are done with your MetroPCS phone, there are three ways to deactivate the phone. The phone can be deactivated permanently or temporarily.


Step 1

Call customer service at 1-888-8Metro8 and request to have the phone disconnected. You will need the account security PIN and the name on the account in order for the agent to disconnect the phone.

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Step 2

Stop paying for the phone to be active. The phone will stay in a suspended state for 30 days. On day 31 the phone will be disconnected from the network automatically.



Step 3

Change to a new phone. Once the new phone is set up on the network at a store or through customer service, the old phone is automatically deactivated.



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