How to Authenticate a Verizon Phone

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Upgrading your Verizon phone is a straightforward process. Verizon also has a feature that allows you to upload your address book to your online account page; after upgrading, you can download it into your new phone. This takes the tedious work out of inputting all of your old contacts into your new phone. Instead, you get right to using your new phone.


Step 1

Activate the new phone by calling Verizon. If you are upgrading from an older phone, call Verizon from the old phone and request that the new phone be authenticated or activated. Verizon will do so, and the process of transferring the number and activation from one phone to the other will be completed. Normally, within 30 minutes the old phone will stop working and the new phone will start.


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Step 2

Alternatively, authenticate your new phone online. You can visit your online account at and activate the new phone from your account page. If you are upgrading your phone, select that option and within a few minutes the old phone will stop working and the new phone will start.



Step 3

If you are activating a new phone that is an additional line on your account or your first ever Verizon phone, the process is the same. Activate or authenticate either by calling the Verizon number in the quick-start guide for your new phone or by visiting the Verizon website.




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