How to Decode Dish Network PVR Files

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The video file stored on a Dish Network PVR (personal video recorder) is slightly different than that found on DVDs. Convert the Dish PVR video file so that it becomes compatible with DVDs and programs that use the DVD video file format. No software program needs to be downloaded or purchased because there are free online video conversion websites that will convert the Dish PVR file. The online video conversion websites operate in a similar manner to upload the file from the hard drive, convert them online and return the converted file to the hard drive.


Step 1

Launch the default Web browser included with the operating system by selecting the program from the "Start," "All Applications" pop-up menu.

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Step 2

Go to an online video conversion website--for example, the Media-Convert website or the Media Converter website or the Moveavi Online Convert website (see Resources).


Step 3

Click the "Local File Conversion" or "Upload File" tab at the top of the web page.

Step 4

Click the "Browse" button next to the "File" column below the tab. Navigate in the window that appears to the Dish PVR video file that is on the hard drive. Double-click the file to make the window go away.


Step 5

Select "MPEG-2" or "MPG" from the "Output Format" or "File Type" drop-down menu on the web page; if there is no drop-down menu to click, press the "OK" or "Next" button on the web page to go to another web page that has the drop-down menu on it.


Step 6

Click the "Next" or "OK" button on the web page to go to a new web page after selecting "MEPG-2" or "MPG."

Step 7

Click the "Start" or "Convert" button on the web page. Wait as either a pop-up window appears with a progress bar that fills in from left to right before disappearing, or a progress bar at the bottom of the web page fills in from left to right. Click the "Next" button.


Step 8

Click the "Browse" button next to the "Save" or "Save to" column on the new web page. Select "Desktop" from the "Locations" drop-down menu at the middle of the window that appears. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the window.


Step 9

Quit the Web browser once the window disappears. Archive or delete the Dish PVR video file now that you have a DVD-compatible video file of it on the hard drive.

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