How to Delete a Badoo Profile

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How to Delete a Badoo Profile. Badoo is a popular social-networking site in Central Europe and Latin America. The site already has millions of viewers and is attracting more worldwide exposure. If you have outgrown the site or are being harassed by other users, these tips can help you delete your Badoo account, problem-free.


Step 1

Consider other options. Once you delete your account, you lose access to all the information you have stored on the site. Think about other options for technical problems and user contacts before choosing to delete your account.

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Step 2

From the homepage, select "Sign in" located at the top right-hand side. Enter in your email address and password. Click "Let me in!" to log on to the Badoo site.


Step 3

Click on the "About Badoo" hyperlink across the bottom of your profile to be taken to company information. On the left-hand screen, select "Contact us." and complete the form to let them know you want to delete your account.

Step 4

Delete your account manually. While still logged in, click on "Settings" located at the top bar of the screen. Oonce you reach the "Profile Settings" page, look to the left-hand side, and select "Delete Profile."



Step 5

Type in your information. To delete your Badoo account, enter your password where indicated, and in the other box, explain why you have decided to leave the site. Press the confirmation button. Receive a message page confirming your request was successfully completed.

Step 6

Check your email or spam folder. A confirmation email is sent to your email address on file. A recover link is included in the email. Should you change your mind about deleting your account, you have seven days to click on this link and recover your information.


For handling problem contacts, consider blacklisting them instead of deleting your Badoo account. If placed in your blacklist folder, problem contacts can't send you messages.



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