How to Delete a Series Recording on Dish TV

By John Mitchell

You can delete a TV show series that you've been recording on your Dish Network DVR box in a similar way as you would delete a single episode -- by pulling up the DVR menu from your remote control to access the recorded TV series. Once deleted, the program will not record and will free up space for both the time slot and on the DVR's internal hard drive.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button on your remote control to turn on your TV.

Step 2

Press the "DRV" button on the remote to access the digital video recording menu. Select "My Recordings" from the menu.

Step 3

Scroll up and select the "Schedule" option, then scroll up again and select "Timers."

Step 4

Scroll to the left until you find the timer for the series recording you want to delete. Press the "Select" button on the remote.

Step 5

Scroll up and select the on-screen "Delete" option. Confirm the action by selecting "Yes."