How to Delete Recordings on a DVR

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How to Delete Recordings on a DVR. The DVR has revolutionized the way people watch television. No longer a slave to network broadcast times, people don't need to decide between activities or their favorite programs and sporting events. Yet, disk space is limited and can fill up quickly. Here is a quick guide to deleting old programs from your DVR.


Step 1

Set some recordings for automatic delete. Most DVRs will automatically delete programs if you tell it to. Mark the programs you want to be deleted when space is needed. The oldest recordings will be deleted first. DVRs usually come with this as the default setting.

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Step 2

Make sure a recording is not automatically erased when more space is needed. There are some recordings that you don't want to accidentally lose with automatic delete. Set the recording to save until manually erased.


Step 3

Delete recordings manually to free up space on the DVR hard drive. Use this option for recordings that you want to keep safe from automatic deletion by the DVR. From the DVR Events, or My Recordings screen, choose "Edit," then "Delete."


Step 4

Check the DVR regularly to see if you need to free up space. When recordings are made with manual deletion selected, programs are saved until they are manually deleted. If the disk fills up with programs marked this way, the DVR will stop recording until you free space by manually deleting programs.



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