How to Delete a Signature in Outlook

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How to Delete a Signature in Outlook. Signatures are a great way to add your personal information to an email in a matter of seconds. You may find that you have a signature that you would like to delete, because you no longer need the signature. This is a very easy process that can be done in a few short steps. Keep reading to find out how to delete a signature in Microsoft Outlook.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Outlook 2007, choose the "Tools" menu and click "Options" to open the "Options" dialog box.

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Step 2

Choose the "Mail Format" tab at the top of the "Options" dialog box to display the mail formatting options for Microsoft Outlook.


Step 3

Use the "Signatures" button in the "Signatures" section of the "Options" dialog box. The "Signatures and Stationery" dialog box will open onto the screen.

Step 4

Select the signature you want to delete from the "Select signature to edit" box. The signature will be highlighted in a dark gray once it is selected.



Step 5

Click the "Delete" button beneath the "Select signature to edit" box. A dialog box will open asking you to confirm if you want to delete the selected signature.

Step 6

Opt for "Yes" to delete the chosen Outlook signature. The confirmation dialog box will close at this point.

Step 7

Close both the "Signatures and Stationery" and the "Options" dialog boxes by clicking "OK" twice.


If you delete a Microsoft Outlook 2007 signature and decide you want it back, you will have to recreate the signature.



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