How to Delete History of Movies Watched on Netflix

By Aaron Parson

Up until late 2014, Netflix didn't offer any way to delete individual shows from your viewing history. Profiles, introduced in 2013, helped keep family members' videos from appearing on your list, but if you wanted to hide your guilty pleasures, you were out of luck. Thankfully, you can now clear out one movie, TV episode or TV series at a time from the Account Activity page, or if you want to wipe the slate clean, delete your entire profile.

Delete Individual Items

Step 1

Sign in to Netflix with the same account and profile you used to watch the video you want removed.

Step 2

Mouse over your profile icon to open the menu and choose **Your Account**.

Step 3

Click **Viewing Activity** in the My Profile section of the account page.

Step 4

Click the **X** icon by the movie or TV episode you want to remove. If you want to erase an entire TV series, start by deleting any episode from the series.

Step 5

Choose **Remove Series** to delete an entire TV series. Continue to click **X** on each item you want to remove.

Step 6

Open the **Rating** tab and click **X** by any show or movie to remove its rating. Ratings are stored separately from your viewing history -- you can rate shows without watching them on Netflix, or watch shows without rating them.

Delete All History

Step 1

Open the menu by your profile icon and choose **Manage Profiles**.

Step 2

Click **Add Profile** and make a new profile for yourself, if you haven't already. Return to the Manage Profiles page, press the **Edit** button by your old profile and then press **Delete Profile**.

Step 3

Press **Delete Profile** to confirm.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "Recently Watched" list on Netflix mobile apps might take up to 24 hours to update after deleting a video from your account.
  • Kids' profiles can't delete viewing history, so that a child can't keep activity a secret. To delete a show for your child, switch the profile to "Adult" temporarily to access the Account Activity page.
  • As of publication, Netlfix's iOS and Android apps do not have a way to view your complete history or erase items from it. Follow these steps on a computer.