How to Delete Hotmail Accounts

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Your Hotmail -- now -- email account is your Microsoft account. If you want to delete the account because of spam or any other reason, you must delete the entire Microsoft account and lose access to all Microsoft services.


The account is marked for deletion after you complete the process and is deleted after 60 days -- you can reopen the account during this time if you log in.

Step 1

Sign in to your Outlook account, click the gear icon next to your name and select Options from the drop-down menu to open the Options page.
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If you can't sign in, use the Password Recovery wizard to reset the password and gain access to your Microsoft account.

Step 2

Click the Account Details link in the Managing Your Account section.

Click any of the other links to change other settings.
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Step 3

Select the Security and Privacy tab and then click the Manage Advanced Security link to open the Security Settings page.
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Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Close My Account link in the Closing Your Account.
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Type your password again and click Sign In to confirm your identity, if necessary.

Step 5

Click the Next button to continue, select the five check boxes and select any reason from the drop-down box. Click the Mark Account for Closure button to delete the Microsoft account.

Click Cancel to abort.
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You can create an automatic reply before closing the account. Emails still reach your Inbox for 60 days after you mark the account for closure.


If you don't log in to your Microsoft account in 60 days, the account and all your data is erased from the Microsoft servers. You can't recover the data -- including emails and contacts.