How to Delete My History in AOL

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Delete AOL software history with a few simple steps.

When using AOL software to browse the Internet, a history of the websites you visited will be recorded and saved. Deleting the AOL history from time to time can keep the browser from running slower than normal. You should also delete your AOL history if you share the software with other users, otherwise they could access your downloaded files or websites you've visited.


Step 1

Open the AOL software.

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Step 2

Click "Keyword" located at the top of the AOL screen. A menu will open.

Step 3

Select the "Go to Keyword" option inside the menu. A box will open.


Step 4

Type the phrase "Browser Settings" inside the box. Click "OK." A "Browser Settings" window will open.

Step 5

Click "Clear My Footprints" near the top of the "Browser Settings" window.



Step 6

Click "Select Footprints to Clear" inside the window. The "Select Footprints to Clear" window will appear.

Step 7

Click the boxes next to "Browsing History," "Clear Search History," "Cookies" and "Browser Cache" in the "Select Footprints to Clear" window.

Step 8

Click the "Clear Selected Footprints" button. Your AOL history is deleted.

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