How to Delete Notification History on Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site with millions of subscribers that is constantly evolving in its features and capabilities. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of notifications you receive every day, you'll be discouraged to know that Facebook no longer allows you to remove individual notifications from your list. You can, however, take steps to reduce notification spam overall.


Step 1

Log in to Facebook.

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Step 2

Click "Account" in the upper right corner and select "Account Settings."

Step 3

Select the "Notifications" tab. You'll see a list of events that could trigger notifications sent to either your email address or as an SMS text message to your cell phone. Disable the ones you don't want to receive anymore.


Step 4

Block games that you have no interest in playing. If your friends keep sending you requests to join them in playing a Facebook application, find the request on your account's News Feed, click on the "X" to the right of the request, and choose "Hide all by" the application.


Step 5

Block apps you no longer use to stop receiving their notifications. Click "Account," then "Privacy Settings." Then, under "Apps and Websites," click "Edit your settings." Next to "Apps you use," click "Edit." You'll see a list of apps tied to your Facebook account. Click on the "X" to remove the ones you no longer use.



Step 6

Block invites from specific friends to eliminate notification spam further. From "Privacy Settings" under "Block Lists," click "Edit your lists." Here you can block individual Facebook members entirely or just app and event invites from specific members. You can also unblock any applications you previously blocked.



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