How to Add a Flag on Facebook

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You can add a flag from many countries to your Facebook profile.

Whether you want to fly the Jamaican flag or the Stars and Stripes, a Facebook application helps you proudly fly your flag. Facebook applications are pieces of code that modify your Facebook profile to provide you with a customizable Facebook experience. You can find a host of Facebook applications -- including several applications specifically to add flags to your profile -- in the Facebook app directory.


Step 1

Navigate to the Facebook app directory.

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Step 2

Type "Flag" into the search text box at the top left and then press "Enter."

Step 3

Click on an app for the type of flag you want to put on your profile. For example, click "Flag of Mohawk Nation."



Step 4

Click "Go to app" and then click "Accept" to allow the app to access your profile.

Step 5

Follow the app's instructions for placing the flag on your profile.

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