How to Determine Which Carrier a TracFone Uses

By James Johnson

TracFone uses several different carriers in the US. Most phones are serviced by AT&T and T-Mobile, however others are serviced by Verizon, Alltel and US Cellular. Which service you have depends on your location and the type of phone you have. There are two types of phones, GSM and CDMA. Once you know which yours is, you can use codes provided by TracFone based on your location to figure out which service provider you are using.

Determine Which Carrier Your TracFone Uses

Step 1

Determine if your phone uses a SIM card. Typically this card will be found under your phone's battery or in a slot located on the side of your phone. If your phone has a SIM card, it is a GSM Phone.

Step 2

Remove the battery if it doesn't have a SIM card. If an "ESN" number is written behind the battery, you are using a CDMA phone. If an "IMEI" number is written behind the battery, it is a GSM phone.

Step 3

Navigate to the official TracFone website (see Resources for link). Type your zip code in the "Zip code" entry area and press "Continue." Select "Yes" when asked if the phone will be used in the area of the zip code you chose.

Step 4

Look at the Web address, or URL, that shows up after you have confirmed your area. You will see one of the following codes within in the URL: GSM4, GSM5, GSM5AT, CO, COGSM4 or COGSM5.

Step 5

Write down the embedded code. AT&T service includes GSM4, GSM5AT, and COGSM4 If your phone is GSM based. Verizon, Alltel and US Cellular includes CO and COGSM4 COGSM5 if the phone is CDMA based. T-Mobile codes include, GSM5, GSM5AT, as well as COGSM5 If the phone is GSM based.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some codes may apply to more than one carrier. In those cases, if two GSM or CDMA providers are available, you will need to call TracFone to determine your phone's main carrier.