How to Dismount a TV

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Mounted televisions range from the old and antiquated to the new and improved.

Mounted televisions come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. However, there are certain features mounted TVs share in common that make removal mostly universal. Caution, however, must be taken while dismounting heavy objects, especially those that may be mounted above your head.


Step 1

Locate the part of the mount that attaches directly to the television. There are usually two parts to a mount: one part that attaches to the wall, and another part that attaches to the television. Locate the mechanism that connects the two halves of the mount. It may be attached using Allen screws or Phillips screws.


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Step 2

Disconnect any cables. With a second person to hold the weight of the television, unscrew the portion of the mount that attaches the two halves.

Step 3

Lift the television gently from the mount and place it somewhere flat and secure.



Step 4

Unscrew the half of the mount that is connected to the television, if connected by screws. If attached by a strap, loosen the strap to dismount the mounting piece. VESA-based television mounts are easy to remove since they consist of a plate attached by four or more screws to the back of a flat-panel television.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Allen wrench set


Always make sure to dismount a TV with two people. Televisions can be heavy and dangerous.



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