How to Display Subtitles With the Sony DVP CD/DVD Player

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How to Display Subtitles With the Sony DVP CD/DVD Player. DVD subtitles are a blessing for foreign-film enthusiasts and the hard of hearing alike. You can display subtitles with the Sony DVP CD/DVD player in any language that's available on the DVD. The Sony DVP CD/DVD player's subtitle features let you turn subtitles on or off and rotate through languages on the fly without stopping the DVD. Here is how.


Step 1

Begin watching a movie on your Sony DVP CD/DVD player. Make sure that the remote is functioning and you can see the video output from the Sony DVP CD/DVD player.

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Step 2

Press "Display" on your remote control. This brings up the display menu.

Step 3

Select "Subtitle" on the menu and hit "Enter."

Step 4

Choose a language. Use the arrow keys to select a language and press "Enter." Select "Off" to turn subtitles off.


Step 5

Change subtitles while DVD is playing by pressing the "Subtitle" button on your remote. Each time you press it, it will automatically select the next available language.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony DVP CD/DVD Player

  • Remote control


If you see numbers instead of languages, see the List of Language Codes link or check page 81 of your manual. Often there are two separate English tracks: subtitles with dialogue only and closed captioning with sound cues for the deaf.


Some DVDs require you to change the subtitle settings in the DVD menu rather than the DVD player display settings.