How to Dispose of a Credit Card Terminal

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Credit card terminals are e-waste and should be recycled.

Credit card terminals are the machines that scan your credit card when you make a purchase. The information is read from the card's magnetized strip and confirmed, allowing you to make a purchase. When credit card terminals become obsolete, break or aren't needed, they are known as e-waste. Like other e-waste, credit card terminals must be disposed of properly.


Step 1

Contact the manufacturer. The maker of a credit card terminal may recycle it, keeping the terminal out of a landfill and reusing the components in other electronic equipment. E-waste shouldn't be thrown out because it can be a danger to the environment.

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Step 2

Call the city's waste disposal service. The disposal service is responsible for recycling e-waste such as credit card terminals, computers, monitors and other machines that shouldn't be thrown into landfills. The service should be able to provide a list of places that you can take your unwanted credit card terminal.


Step 3

Locate a third party that recycles electronics. Many metal recyclers accept electronics because they contain precious metals that can be sold back to electronics companies.


Step 4

Take the credit card terminal to your preferred recycling choice.




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