How to Do A Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

By Techwalla Contributor

A free reverse phone number lookup is a helpful and convenient way to find out someones name, address and other personal information if necessary. This might come as a surpise but it's pretty easy to do and it's legal. A free reverse phone number lookup comes in handy in the event that you wrote down a phone number but forgot to include the name of the person. You could use a free reverse phone look up to find the persons identity for that number. A free reverse phone number lookup is aslo a helpful tool to use for catching an irritating prank caller, or if you're a landlord trying to locate your tenant who skipped out on the rent. And another useful purpose for a free reverse phone number lookup is to find the identity of the person behind a missed call on your phone. Instead of calling the unidentified number, you can use a free reverse phone number lookup to avoid an awkward conversation or to simply avoid having to talk to someone that you don't want to talk too. Here's a few tips on doing a free reverse phone number lookup.

Step 1

Simply do a search on the internet using the phrase free reverse phone directory. The one problem with a free reverse phone number search is that they're not always free, but you can easily find a free reverse phone directory for landline numbers and avoid paying a fee. But if the number is a cell phone number then many of those incur a small fee to access informationn about the person and it can also be more difficult to get information using cell phone numbers since these are still very private. Reverse phone lookups for landlines are much easier but you might not always be able to get all the information you need for free. If you want to get more private contact information for someone, in some cases you may have to pay a fee. If it's a cell number, you should still search online for a free reverse cell phone look up and see what you can find.

Step 2

Find a free reverse phone number look up service and use it to stop telemarketing calls. It's much easier to do a free reverse phone number search for a business or landline because toll free numbers tend to work better. If you're getting pestering calls from someone, just do a free reverse phone look up and contact the telemarketing owner directly to make a complaint and demand an end to the calls. Another easy and free way to do your own free reverse phone number look up is to simply use the search engines yourself.You'd be surprised at the results you can get. Go on Google and enter the number in quotes to get an exact match. Everybody uses social networks like Facebook. People can add their phone number to their profile page on these sites and if they did, it will probably appear in the search results. You should try that before looking into a free reverse phone directoy.

Step 3

Decide if a free reverse phone number look up is going to give you the results you're looking for and if it makes more sense to pay a small fee to get what you need. As I mentioned above, a free reverse phone number search is likely to only provide you with part of the information you're looking for. To get additional information these services usually charge a fee. If you will be in need of a reverse phone number lookup frequently then search online for companies that will only charge a one-time fee for unlimited searches. This would be best for a landlord who will be frequently screening tenants or for other situations where it would be useful.

Tips & Warnings

  • First try doing a free reverse phone number look up using Google because it could work - People often enter their phone number on classified sites like Craigslist when advertising something and that would be likely to show up in the search engines
  • Although doing a reverse phone number search is legal, you should still take caution when you're dealing with privacy matters and personal contact information for someone