How to Download Files From Your Computer to Your Kindle

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Amazon's Kindle uses its 3G Whispernet connection to download files from the Amazon store. However, when it comes to files that aren't a part of, such as word processor documents, PDF and text files, you must hook your Kindle directly to your computer to download them.


Step 1

Connect your Kindle to your computer via the USB cable. Wait for the computer to fully recognize your Kindle.

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Step 2

Click "Start" on your PC, and then click on "My Computer" or "Computer," depending on your version of Windows.


Step 3

Double-click on the icon representing your Kindle.

Step 4

Keep the Kindle window open and open the folder containing the files you want to transfer to the Kindle.


Step 5

Drag the files to the Kindle folder. They are now accessible from your Kindle, whether or not you are still connected to your PC.



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