How to Download Video From Google Chrome

By John Daniels

Google Chrome is a Web browser created and maintained by Google. Chrome is free to download and use and is a direct competitor to other popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Google Chrome downloads and displays a variety of multimedia content such as text, pictures and music. Google Chrome is also used to download video from the Internet. Google Chrome can download and save a video to a storage drive or display the video with the use of plug-ins or other software.

Step 1

Launch the Google Chrome browser. Navigate to the website containing the video.

Step 2

Click on the link to the video. Look at the bottom of the screen to make sure the download has begun.

Step 3

Allow the download to finish. Click on the arrow next to the downloaded video name and select "Open."

Step 4

Watch the video to make sure that the video downloaded properly. Click on the arrow next to the downloaded file and select "Show in Folder."

Step 5

Make a note of the folder location of the video for future viewing. Close the folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are free media players on the Internet that play many video formats including Divx and mp4.