How to Download Web Pages

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Downloading web pages can be done without much trouble.

There are plenty of reasons to download a web page. If it is your web page, for example, you need to download it to change it. Maybe you want to download a web page so you can copy coding examples or organization that you want for your own website. In either case, you'll find the process is not difficult.


Step 1

Once you are on the web page you want to download, go to the File menu of your computer and select "Save." Enter a name for the page, the location to save it to and the format, then hit "Save." You will have downloaded the pare now, but you might notice that there some pictures or other parts missing.


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Step 2

Get the missing pieces from the directory containing the web page you downloaded. To go to this directory, you will have to change the URL at the top of the page. This is the address of the web page and probably begins "http://" and ends with "html." To get to the directory, erase the name of the web page. Place your cursor after the "l" in html and start erasing until you get to the first "/" and stop. Then press "Enter."


Step 3

Look in the directory for the missing items. If it is a picture that is missing, open everything that looks like a picture until you find the missing one. You will need to download the missing pictures as well as the web page if you want what you have to match what is on the web.

Step 4

Create a folder to hold everything if your downloaded web page has a lot of extra parts. When the web page refers to an embedded picture the computer looks in the same directory to find it.


Sometimes designers put pictures in different directories than the web pages. You can still find them if you look at the HTML. When the picture is referred to there will be a statement like . This means that the picture is located two directories down in sub-directory abc/xyz. If you made a folder to contain your web page and pictures just erase the path name so you will have .


Some of the stuff on the web is copyrighted—especially some of the pictures. This might be overlooked if it is for your own personal use, of if your use is purely educational, but if you are going to use your download for commercial purposes you need to get permission first. Copyrighted material is usually clearly labeled.


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